Warehouses silos for storage of bulk materials

One of its priorities, LLC SMU “Remstroi” considers the design, manufacture and installation of silos with a capacity of 20 to 10 000 tons, comprising the storage silo (cement, lime, plaster, broken glass, mineral powder, etc.), as well as the supply and installation of silo storage.

Silage warehouses are designed to receive bulk material from the intermediate storage (tanks, bulk carriers, w / d hopper receivers), storage and distribution of bulk consumer or transfer it to match the technology of production of materials on the line. Number of silos in the bulk storage is defined according to the technological appropriateness and can range from 1 to 20.

Silage — is welded still structure of cylindrical shape with a conical bottom, designed to store consumable product stock.

Silo equipped with:

  • pipeline or pneumatic elevator for delivery to a bulk product;
  • inspection hatch;
  • the stairs;
  • hand railing;
  • pressure relief safety valve;
  • air filters;
  • levels sensors;
  • valve and other agreed-tech equipment.
  • Storage silo equipped with aspiration system for cleaning air from dust, leaving the silo loading product.
  • Silo unloading a tanker used screw feeders and telescopic loaders.


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