О компании

About LLC  SMU «Remstroi»

History of creation of the organization

The history of the organization starts from 1993 – it was a time when many construction companies, has successfully worked in the Soviet times, and had a wealth of human resources, had to stop its activities due to various reasons.

Many educated professionals have to either look for another job, or change there occupation. But there were those who wanted to sell themselves in the field of construction, in accordance with their education and experience.

Thus, a group of experts and associates, with sizable store of knowledge, and with a higher education in construction, in 1993, was organized and registered in Elektrostal, Moscow region Firm «ERG», which began to grow and work, offering his services as the construction market, and in other areas.

Three years of successful work has shown that combining in one organization the various activities is not always convenient. And in 1995, the founders of LLC Firm «ERG» decided on the establishment and registration of mono profile construction company – LLC Construction and Installation Management «Remstroi».

The priority direction of development was chosen industrial construction. That it starts to work and have grown as professionals executives LLC  SMU «Remstroi».

To accomplish the task was selected mobile team of professionals in the field of industrial construction, which allows to solve the any construction on the entire territory of Russia and CIS countries.